May : What’s happening on the farm

May : What’s happening on the farm


Our favorite month of the year! Honoring mothers and the sweetest strawberries around. 

The Ingram family pulls together every May to make sure all the boxes are checked. Some days we pick strawberries, some mornings we are baking cobblers, some afternoons we mow, some nights we are up late Capping strawberries in the kitchen. Everyone in the ingram family has a special strength to offer the farm, Casie and Lauren love baking and caring for animals, Mikaela loves going to the markets and helping with marketing and Rhonda loves picking and planting in the garden, Dean enjoys working in his koi pond and on the tractor. But we all work together doing things we like and dislike. But the biggest thing to know is the strawberries slow down nobody! So, when chandlers are ready, it’s full blast harvest time. Typically, every year from Mother’s Day to Father’s Day that is the best time to come and pick. 

When we have a break this month, we have a seat with a cup of fresh homemade ice cream or a strawberry for refreshment. If the weather is in our favor, we often have the first start of squash, onions, and cucumbers.

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