A visit the Whole Family can enjoy

Seasonal Activities

May – June = Strawberry Picking for the whole family

June – August = visit the country store for quality fresh produce, muscadine slushies and ice cream

Sep – Oct = pick your own muscadine

October = Our pumpkin patch is open

We love our guests so we welcome you with free parking and farm experience.

A few things before your visit

  • Cash Only, we assure you the best price
  • No Outside animals, you love animals – we do too that’s why we ask you to keep them at home.
  • We want you to snap and post all the pictures while visiting but we are asking for no more paid professional photography sessions.

We love nature, we don’t love garbage. Find out what we do and what you can do.

  • We reuse all of Ingrams jars, boxes, buckets and containers that customers return in good condition.
  • We welcome you to bring your own bags for shopping
  • We process all excess fruit in the kitchen preventing waste, turning it into all your favorite treats.
  • We donate any extra summer produce we have (contact us if your organization has a need)
  • We compost all fruits and vegetables that don’t make it to your table