March : What’s happening on the farm

March : What’s happening on the farm


As things start to warm up around the farm and the sun gets brighter we start to see life coming back into things. Some grass slowly starts to turn greener, and the strawberry plants begin to wake up from their long winter’s nap. At the beginning of the month we get to celebrate Casie’s birthday. 

Now that the strawberries have started to slowly change and grow it’s this time of the year that we start to walk over them and remove any weeds that might be starting to grow. It’s also important that every single strawberry plant is handled and the plastic around it is stretched. We also remove any dead leaves and debris that might still be sticking around from a cold winter. This process takes multiple days and at least three people at a time.

Improvements are continuing as things will start to really speed up with the crops coming soon! 


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