July : What’s happening on the farm

July : What’s happening on the farm


This is when the heat turns up and the variety increases. As everyone gears up for the beach and summer cookouts they quickly stop by the county store to get their fresh goodies before they head out to enjoy themselves. 

You can find a handful of fresh fruits and vegetables like 

Watermelons – seeds? We wouldn’t want it any other way! We have great watermelons, and we always say they are guaranteed. Meaning if it’s blah, just tell us. While you are there, ask Mrs Rhonda how to pick them out. 

Cantaloupes- our cantaloupes are so popular sometimes it feels like you are lucky if they are in stock. If we have them, do a sniff test at the end to check for freshness. 

Okra – slimy, sticky, prickly and good. If you love okra, then you love fresh okra. This time of the year we are picking it every day small and fresh. 

Green beans – stringless? With string? We’ve got them. Sometimes we have trouble keeping them in stock because of the demand for large quantities. If you happen to want to can and want a large quantity, if we have them we will provide a small discount per pound. Mr. Dean is the bean picker, a job that is slow and done completely by hand. 

Peppers – from sweet to hot, and if you have a suggestion, we just might try it. 

Corn – we don’t have the land to grow corn, but we always source fresh, sweet and local farmer’s corn. 

Onions – sweet, sweet onions. Purple and white. 

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