December: What’s happening on the farm

December: What’s happening on the farm


Not much to say but Merry Christmas. With the big season recently coming to an end, this is the time we enjoy the things we love and bask in the gratitude of good food (from freezing and canning all summer) and for a good year’s crop and the ability to do it all over again. 

Christmas is Mrs. Rhonda’s favorite time of the year, so she loves to get everyone together and bake sweet treats like chocolate fudge and chocolate covered peanut butter crackers that can often be for sale by order (check our Facebook page for special orders and dates). These homemade items make for great gift baskets and goodie trays for your parties. 

Keep an eye out for a post about our fresh leafy greens, we have cabbage, spinach, broccoli, lettuce and kale. 

We love Christmas so much we often cut down a big bushy Christmas tree from the Forest that is at least 12 ft tall, and we use the ladder to decorate it. 

Thank you for learning more about our life on the farm. We welcome you out to our home to experience it for yourself. 

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