August : What’s happening on the farm

August : What’s happening on the farm


All of June and July’ vegetables are still filling the tables in the country store as we open up mid-day for locals to come, visit and shop. 

Now that it’s so hot we think it’s a good time to mention the sweet treats that you can find all summer long in the store, that is the frozen muscadine slushies and the home made cupped ice cream that is perfect to go or to sit and enjoy on the porch. 

If you are looking for a place to shop, summer outing or a place to bring a group to learn more about farm life we continue this even after strawberry season. 

As far as strawberries go, they may not be able to be tasted this time of year but we are always thinking about them. It’s time to order the strawberry plants and materials and prepare the fields for the next step of the process. To put down the plastic. 


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