April : What’s happening on the farm

April : What’s happening on the farm

April means spring has sprung. The spring cleaning that is completed in a home is very similar to that of a farm; it just involves a lot more dirt. 

To make sure that the farm is ready for visitors we work section by section cleaning, waiting and preparing for lots of visitors.

Now that the strawberries are growing at a rapid rate it’s important that we make sure they have enough nutrients and water on a regular basis. We continue to walk over them removing weeds. Dean the farmer also works hard to weed eat all the fields so things look nice and presentable when we get started in early May. 

In between the cleaning Rhonda will spend her late evenings in the garden planting the first seeds. This will continue weekly as we are constantly adding new crops even planting a new setting of a previous crop (the is to insure we continue to have it). Grab the pressure washer, this is how we make the farm look so squeaky clean! 

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