June : What’s happening on the farm

June : What’s happening on the farm

As the strawberries continue day in and day out, we allow strawberry pickers and their families onto the farm to pick until there is no more, or sometimes we say “until the fat lady sings.” 

These strawberries tend to be smaller, but sweeter and a favorite to some. We are known to have strawberries longer than most other local farms, but it depends on the weather (mainly how hot the sun is).  

Blackberries – we can’t be too sad about the strawberry season coming to an end because the plump sweet black berries are always starting to swell up whenever the strawberries are playing out. You can typically start to see the blackberries in the store in the middle of June and they will continue on until early August. 


Peaches – with a long standing friendship with Johnson’s peaches, we are the first to hear about the first cling peaches. If you shop our stand and are interested in fresh, sweet, NC peaches you will find Johnson’s Peaches for sale until they end in October. 


Tomatoes – starting out as greenhouse tomatoes and transitioning to vine ripened field tomatoes, we continue to carry a delicious variety grown by Beams Farm in Cherryville. We have been working closely with them for almost a decade and admire their ability to grow such a juicy tomato. 

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